St. Publius

St. Publius law firm

St Publius provides a complete business service for companies.

The tax and business consulting firm St Publius provides specialist advice on the establishment and operation of Maltese Limited companies for clients of the European Economic Area.

The service covers everything from the formation of a Limited company, to its structure, legal foundation and daily operational/accounting needs.

St Publius is more than just a tax and law firm or a company formation agency. While traditional accountancy firms specialize in local accounting and tax advice, St Publius advises on an international basis. St Publius provides a full corporate service for international clients.

We focus, in particular, on clients from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France, that are keen to form Maltese Limited companies.

Each St Publius client is supported by a dedicated customer consultant for the period of the instruction. St Publius consultants operate internationally to allow face-to-face contact with clients (we are not a web-services agency). St Publius consultants are in constant contact with clients directly by phone or via e-mail or the St Publius website (clients have an online-login), letter etc: by whatever media the client finds most convenient.

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