St. Publius


St. Publius has set itself the goal of creating optimal structures for its clients to achieve maximum international success. The goals of the clients of St. Publius are amongst others:

  • Legal tax optimization
  • Minimization of the risk of personal liability
  • Use business-friendly structures of Malta
  • Simplified restart after an economic bankrupt
  • Increased confidentiality of business activities
  • Access to international investors
  • Corporation in an English speaking environment
  • Business relationship with renowned bank HSBC
  • Corporation as an interface EU / Asia

St. Publius has set itself the goal of implementing the wishes of the clients effectively, economically and professionally. In order to achieve these aims the St. Publius team interacts with lawyers and tax accountants of the countries concerned. For the client there is only one contact person who bundles the organizational and planning work of the whole team for him.

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