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Moving to Malta

Want to move to Malta? St Publius will help you to establish the necessary contacts with real-estate agents and will also provide you with all the support you need while you settle-in. Most important, we will help you with the inevitable official form-filling! Everything you need will be provided by St Publius.

Living and working in Malta

The Perfect Work-Life Balance.

The island nation of Malta consists of the main island of Malta and the two sister islands: Gozo and Comino Malta is about 95 km south of Sicily. The typical Mediterranean climate, Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces make Malta a popular holiday destination. Malta is the cultural and economic center; Gozo is dominated by fishing, tourism, trade and agriculture. Comino is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese archipelago: it has just four 4 permanent residents; a 95-room hotel; a police station; a small church; the Santa Marija Tower and a former quarantine station which is uninhabited.

Want to live in Malta? Until a few years ago Malta was only worth considering as a holiday destination. In May 2004 the situation changed abruptly: accession to the EU opened Malta’s borders allowing property ownership and inward migration.

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