International corporate structures for GmbH tax reduction

For the owner and founder of the company, the legal department of St. Publius has developed attractive tools for more success. Hundreds of entrepreneurs rely on the innovative solutions from St. Publius. We present the three most popular GmbH measures:

Confiscation secure GmbH with minimum equity capital

The normal “GmbH” is very complex. High master capital requirements, high administrative costs and very complex in operation. The Mini-GmbH (UG) offers lower capital capital hurdles, but is inferior in its image. Both company forms – UG and GmbH – offer protection against the shareholder, but it is very easy for the creditor to buy the shares and to appoint a new managing director and thus take over the company. The St. Publius team has developed a cross-border company form, which can be protected against seizure, almost free of equity, but under the name of “GmbH” in the company name on the market.

Deutsche GmbH Tax reduction to less than 10% (Group tax rate)

Large corporations in Germany and other countries have reduced their group tax rate to below 10%. Tax consultancies such as PWC, KPMG, Deloitte and others help groups like Volkswagen, Bayer, Google and others to be more successful. St. Publius Corporate Services does not advise companies, but has adapted its solutions to entrepreneurs and partners. Together with the client, the company structure is analyzed and tax optimization options are worked out. Instead of more than 30% tax burden, these can be reduced to under 10% with international structures.

GmbH Cancellation in 3 weeks

The deletion of a GmbH in Germany is complex and can take many months. St. Publius has developed with his attorneys a legally perfect procedure for German limited liability companies with which the GmbH can be relocated abroad in a short time and the commercial register is thus obliged to delete within a few weeks. Once abroad, the “GmbH” can be completely liquidated or further restructured without being bound to bureaucratic German hurdles.

GmbH Full service accounting of St. Publius

You are always annoyed by high tax advice and “surprising” cost notes from your tax consultant? Licensed tax consultants from St. Publius will take over the accounting and delivery of your tax returns for your limited liability company for a fixed price of 300.- € per month. This includes all pay statements, annual accounts, sales tax reports and other accounting tasks. This flat rate applies to limited liability companies with an annual turnover of up to EUR 1 million. For companies with higher sales, we are happy to create individual offers.

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