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SCHUFA-free bank account with attachment protection for Germans

St. Publius has extensive contacts in the banking world.

This includes European large banks as well as smaller offshore banks. Inside, St. Publius recommends SEPA accounts, while SWIFT is the right choice in the Eastern European area. Your personal customer adviser in Germany analyzes your individual situation and recommends you a suitable bank connection.

From the 24.11.2014 St. Publius offers for customers & amp; Non-customers a 100% account opening guarantee. This applies to private accounts and business accounts. For just € 500, St. Publius carries out a needs analysis and supports clients in the opening of accounts. If, for any reason, no account opening occurs, St. Publius reimburses the fee for the account opening advice paid.

Advantages of the abusive accounts against normal German banks:

  • European IBAN (e.g., AT123456 …….)
  • Online banking with secure TAN method
  • German speaking customer consultant
  • Without Schufa and PostIDENT
  • No automatic account attachment
  • No credit check
  • No P account limits of 1045.- €
  • No automatic authority access
  • High discretion in case of insolvency etc.
  • Gold VISA card (embossed) possible
  • Renowned European banks
  • Deposit guarantee in the amount of 100,000.- €
  • Interest on deposits possible
  • Accounts in EUR, USD, GBP
  • Express transfers possible

In the case of classic accounts of German banks, all deposits are protected against automatic seizures by authorities, the state and other creditors. Affected ones must first determine their account is pledged and only post-mail post why it was pledged. German authorities may, without a court order, arbitrarily enrich themselves at all private and company accounts in Germany.

Protect yourself with a bank account with IBAN (only instead of DE12345 then, for example AT12345) from arbitrary account access and secure your assets. St. Publius advises you personally or by phone about all options! Account openings are also available for offshore limited companies, limited companies of all kinds, holdings, trusts, companies and UG`s, cooperatives, associations, persons in insolvency u.v.m. possible.

Inclusive St. Publius Success Guarantee: Successful Account Opening or Money Back *

*St. Publius calculates a one-time 500.- € (incl. VAT) for an account opening consultation and analysis and gives an account opening guarantee.
In the case of a non-account opening, the 500.- € paid will be refunded in full.
Please note that you may charge a single bank fee, which is not refundable to St. Pubilus.

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