St. Publius


In order to achieve the best results for clients St. Publius works with the following partners:


  • D. Notary Eisenreich, Germany
  • Dr. Lergon notary, Germany
  • R. Squaratti notary, Switzerland
  • Dr. Schmitz notary, Germany
  • Dr. Dick Huth-Harrach notary, Germany
  • M. Jacob, notary, Germany


  • Registry STM, UK
  • Paul Mifsud, Malta
  • Registry Fenlex, Malta
  • Peeters & B., Germany
  • Wilting, Germany
  • Wilde & Partner, Germany
  • Roland Scholz, Germany
  • Balloff, Germany


  • Dr. Gründel (beneficiary), Germany
  • Dr. Kames (corporate), Germany
  • Dr. Hirz (competition), Germany
  • Dr. Breuer (insolvency law firms), Germany
  • Dr. Krueger (foundations), Germany
  • Dr. Müller (company law), Switzerland
  • Dohrmann (restructuring law), Germany
  • Glietz (labour law), Germany
  • Ralf Hansen (business law), Germany
  • Power Passenger (leasing law), Germany

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