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Did you know that credit handling fees are not permitted?
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It is legally established:

Many banks and leasing companies charge unlawful fees. The Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) ruled that such processing fees are regarded as unjustified enrichment and can be reclaimed. (File: XI ZR 170/13 and XI ZR 405/12). TV, radio, and the press are reporting “critical contributions.” It is in the newspaper, on TV, but no one knows how to do it. The St. Publius team will help you get your money back.

Hand on the heart:

Have you ever thought that a bank doing something illegal and harming you?

Sample calculation: Purpose new building three-family house

loan nominal amount364,650.00 €
discount0.00 €
processing fee3,646.50 €
payout361,003.50 €

Serious mistakes in real estate loans?

Form errors in the revocation of property loans could give many consumers the possibility to terminate the credit agreement prematurely without having to pay the otherwise usual early repayment fee. Many loans can be canceled free of charge.

Germany owes: builders can save new loan contracts tens of thousands of euros. Erroneous revocations allow early withdrawal and more favorable interest rates. You know the revocation instructions “within 14 days you can cancel the contract without giving reasons”. If the revocations of credit agreements are false, then the whole credit agreement is pending ineffective. Between 2002 and 2011, approximately 70% of all revocations in credit agreements are incorrect. Banks are also unaware. Only who complains gets a chance.

Sample calculation for a vehicle purchase:

term48 months
Purchase price according to invoice according to § 25 UStG58,500.00 €
Minus. Deposit18,500.00 €
Residual purchase price = net rental amount40,000.00 €
Plus. Processing fee € 1,200.00
Excl. Interest Certificate Fee p.a. EUR 20.00100.00 €

What do you need to do to check your credit agreements for free?

Ask for a free telephone consultation with Mrs. Szabados-Oberschelp to submit your contract – you do not need to do more. In case of a request for fees after a free trial, the customer receives three documents:

  • service contract
  • proxy
  • Membership Application Loan

One-time annual membership with the credit association costs you less than 60.- €!
Important: If the recovery is unsuccessful, the membership fees paid will be refunded.

The following contracts can be accepted:

Credit agreements with processing fees:

All credit agreements from 2011, 2012 and 2013 with exclusively included processing fees are reviewed.

Credit agreements with processing fees including residual debt insurance:

In an estimated 75% of all credit agreements from August 1, 2002 to mid-2010, the revocation statements are incorrect, that is, Residual debt and credit agreements can be revoked with retroactive effect, even if the loan has already been repaid or replaced by another loan.

real estate loans:

Lt. Of the consumer centers, two-thirds of the revocation instructions in property loan agreements are faulty and thus ineffective. This gives consumers the option to terminate the credit agreement prematurely and, for example, To use the current very low interest rate for a refinancing without paying a prepayment penalty.

Real estate finance already cleared ahead of schedule:

This also benefits all those who, after termination of their real estate loan, Due to divorce, sale, death, etc., a prepayment penalty had or should still be. Here too, the revocation terms of the loan agreements are about 70% wrong. A review of real estate loans makes sense for all contracts concluded from 2002 onwards.

Lease agreements with residual value clauses:

More and more frequently, we were able to establish in the past that in past vehicle leasing contracts incorrect residual values ​​were calculated

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