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Nearly every day the banks are subject to the media. Not for nothing. Financial services are the backbone of the economic cycle and an important key industry. Successful financial institutions generate impressive profits. Start now with your own financial services company and offer comprehensive services.

Whether you want to manage third-party capital, want to control payment flows or market new financial solutions. St. Publius Corporate Services provides professional location advice for all types of financial services. The consultancy ranges from the selection of locations through the personnel acquisition to the administration of the companies and tax administration.

Depending on the requirements, financial companies can be set up in the appropriate country. Almost all financial services are possible:

Financial services you can realize in the future:

  • Issuing VISA or Mastercards
  • Third-party administrative capital
  • Establishment of own funds and investment vehicles
  • Lending and Capital Accrual
  • Fixed deposits, terminations and the like

St. Publius works with experienced software companies so that your business idea can also be implemented electronically. This also includes modern tools such as iPhone apps, social media and more.

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