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Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is St. Publius?

Let me be very clear: The services of St. Publius bring our clients significantly more benefits than they cost! St. Publius works very transparent. I.e. You formulate your problem by email. Within a short time, get a call back from one of our consultants, he evaluates with you, whether cooperation is useful for you. If you and our consultant see clear potential, he will create a free personal offer for you. Only when you accept it, costs for you occur.

St. Publius is more expensive than other Ltd. Provider?

Right. Because most other vendors offer solutions that you can not work professionally. What NOT! works: You get a managing director, who manages 200 other companies as well Your “office” is the office of more than 1000 companies Your trustee / manager is gone / does not sign anything – your company does not have regular accounting, tax return Your company exists only on paper, no transactions take place St. Publius works differently: Our headquarter exists. You can work there any time in person! Managing directors of St. Publius work for you! i.e. make appointments, etc. Your company will be booked up to date, makes periodic VAT declarations You know the contact person of your company’s personal bank You know the country, people and environment of your new company You are in contact with the CEO of St. Publius in person!

Do you have a branch in Germany?

No. St. Publius is established in Malta, but serves customers throughout Europe. Please ask our customer advisers to visit you at your site. The costs are moderate, as we will try to combine appointments. St. Publius refuses the use of letterbox companies as offered by Regus and others. We consider these solutions for unprofessional!

Malta? I really do not know!

One more reason to get to know us personally. We pick you up at the airport and organize everything you need for a pleasant stay in Malta. Connect your business with quality time at one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Is St. Publius legitimate?

Unlike many low-cost management consultants abroad St. Publius relies on personal and individual advice. No prospective will become a customer without establishing a relationship of trust with his future St. Publius consultant. For larger projects, we consider a visit to our site for mandatory. We are also working together with German and British tax advisers and will be happy to cooperate with your lawyer or tax advisers. Our services are not cheap – but designed to achieve optimal results in practice. We are happy to give references on request.

Is it immoral to pay less taxes?

It another way – how much taxes make sense? For sure every state needs taxes to perform its tasks. A state with no income can build neither democracy nor the legal system. The opposite solution (communism) has failed in history as well. Germany is, with an effective taxation (40% + employer contributions + VAT etc.) of 60-70% one of the highest taxed G7 countries. In international tax competition Germany is inferior and does not attract qualified foreigners. Even worse – high performers are leaving. This development is bad for the country, no question. However, instead of condemning these high performers, politicians have to reflect how to make Germany more attractive. In this respect, you should not shy away from using your legal options open-minded.

Why do all the Germans pay so many taxes?

Once a citizen is more than 183 days in Germany, German tax laws apply to him – including world income principle. International tax optimization therefore implies that the center of your life is no longer in Germany (not even a second residence). That option is usually only open for people who are locally independent (IT, freelancers, etc.). St. Publius emphasizes compliance with rules regarding the center of life. Appearance models with letterbox solutions leaves St. Publius to discounters. St. Publius thinks: If – then do it right! I.e. all solutions which cannot withstand officially a test by German tax authorities are not serious and cause more harm than good. These include, for example Trust solutions, letterbox companies, corporate funerals, etc. – St. Publius does not build the companies of costumers on sand, but on concrete – which withstands the headwinds of the authorities!

Is Malta suitable for tax evasion?

NO, definitely NOT! St. Publius does not want any customers who intend to evade taxes illegally. Malta has very strict requirements for opening bank accounts – even stricter than in Germany. The country is small, has short bureaucratic ways, negative experiences with eg the South of Italy were made. Malta is therefore not suitable for illegal transactions. St. Publius does not support these activities and is – when required – reviewed by Maltese authorities regularly. Furthermore St. Publius works with German tax authorities and fully meets its information obligations according to the DBA Agreement.

I pay €10,000 taxes and want to save now!

We encourage you to seek advise from your German tax accountant. International solutions, such as St. Publius is offering, are not worth it if you pay less than €50,000 taxes per year. In case of relocation it should be even more than €100,000 per year. Please do not underestimate the infrastructure costs which are caused by a Malta Ltd. or due to relocation. However, these costs remain virtually the same – regardless of your tax savings volume, i.e. the more you save on taxes now, the more attractive Malta is for you.

I play poker in Germany – any chance to save taxes?

The German courts have not yet responded. If it were regarded as poker gambling, the profits would be tax free – legal, but only in government-approved facilities. Or Germany legalized poker as a form of “work” – then it is income tax. Either way… the situation is not resolved and therefore unsafe. St. Publius recommends to react now in order to avoid tax payments, in case the legal situation in Germany changes. Especially for poker players – whether online or offline, Malta offers excellent opportunities. St. Publius has specialists in this field who will gladly advise you in this!

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