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Only 5% tax burden – and this is just one of many benefits that a Maltese Ltd. has to offer worldwide for IT Professionals.

IT professionals work in the globalized world where national borders are more and more disappearing. Software developers from India, China, USA and Germany cooperate but also compete more and more for lucrative jobs.

Due to high liability risks for IT Professionals it is recommended to settle contracts within a corporation with limited liability, such as Ltd., GmbH, etc. In the case of recourse of a customer, eg by defects in development, so the damage is limited to the capital. An insurance to cover such liability can be exorbitant for young professionals.

As a capital company in Europe, the maltese Ltd. for IT professionals has been proven to be extremely beneficial. In addition to the low capital stock of 1250€, the euro as a currency and good IT infrastructure, the corporate taxes are very attractive as well. Instead of high tax deductions between 30-45%, Malta offers the possibility to operate a Ltd. with 5% tax rate for non-Maltese.

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