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Young entrepreneurs / Start up

As a young entrepreneur you can fully concentrate on your customers. St. Publius takes care of everything else!

In many countries, there are many bureaucratic obstacles that impede young entrepreneurs to start their own business. Whether compulsory membership of CCI or professional associations, various different taxes (trade, capital, soli, etc.) or even license requirements for different industries.

In addition to the bureaucracy tax pre-payments are due quite rapidly when establishing a capital corporation, tax adviser costs and much more than it has to be paid. Disciplinary warning companies, overzealous prosecutors, high requirements for publicity and not least the personal liability for directors to the Tax Office, may make the conditions for a start anything but pleasant.

For young entrepreneurs Malta offers – in addition to small bureaucratic hurdles and low taxes – favorable conditions. St. Publius takes care of your back office work – so you can focus on your customers.

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