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Trust company service Malta

Seeking a full service? Then use the Malta Limited company Nominee service!

Would you like to remain anonymous? Many customers of St Publius appreciate the full-service model. The Malta Limited company and nominee services is a highlight. St Publius handles your business model and provides you with everything necessary. We act as agency and business manager. The shares of the company are held by a shareholder-nominee held in trust for you.

You supply the business concept and the customers – St Publius takes on the management and operation of the company with it’s trust company service. You will receive 92% of the generated profits; 63% after approval of the annual profit and a further 29% after repayment of the Tax Return by the MFSA. A total of 92% allowance will be taxed in the country where you have your main residence. [Please consult your tax advisor]. As a special highlight we offer advice on how to collect the full tax-free profits from Malta on a private level. Talk to us!

Starting with 100,000€ net profit per year the set-up of a Malta Limited company is free of charge.

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