St. Publius

Christine Müller

Only 5% taxation on corporate profits was never possible for me until I met St. Publius and their tax saving strategy in form of a Malta Ltd. with non-domiciled status.

Industry: Wholesale
Challenge: Too high taxes in the GmbH
Solution: Maltese Ltd. with non-domiciled status
Gain: Approx. 44 000€ per year

Christine Müller is the CEO of a large trading company for textiles. She buys products regularly in China and Italy, and imports them to Europe. All profits were until now fully taxed in the German GmbH (30%).

Together with St. Publius Christine Müller established a Maltese Ltd., which now takes over the international sourcing. The company sells its products directly from Malta to Europe now. The resulting gains of the Ltd. are taxed with 35%, of which she gets 6/7 back later. She moved to London and enjoys the private non-domiciled status.

Maltese Ltd. & UK Non-domiciled statusGerman GmbH & German Residence
Profit corporation100,000 €100,000 €
Business tax 0% / 14%0 €14,000 €
Corporate tax 35% / 15%35,000 €15,000 €
Solidarity surcharge on CIT 0% / 5,5%0 €830 €
Cash dividend65,000 €70,170 €
Tax Refund30,000 €0 €
Total dividend95,000 €70,170 €
Withholding tax plus solidarity CIT & KSt. 0% / 28%0 €19,647.60 €
Remaining net profit95,000 €50,522.40 €
Tax savings44,477.60 €

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