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The St. Publius team regularly develops interesting business models or acquires promising companies with development potential. Acquire active corporations and open up new possibilities.

For company founders, the purchase of a company already established by St. Publius offers a simple way to self-employment. Each of the offered corporations is available for purchase. Companies can also be purchased partially (at least 10%). The companies exist for at least one year. Even for pure investors, the companies are attractive as each company already has an active managing director and is happy to expand the business with the new shareholders.

Company nameSharesShare PriceGoodwillAvailableRevenue in 2014Hintes
Phenomenails Limited (UK)10040 €4,000 €100%ca. 10,000 €Ideal for self-employment. Incl. English website
The Company Consultants Ltd.1,2503 €3,750 €100%ca. 50,000 €Fully active IT system with invoice management
qsb Limited1,2501 €1,250 €100%ca. 2,000 €Ready-made company with short name
QuickPrinter PLC500,0001 €500,000 €80%ca. 400,000 €Holding with German daughter
Proximus Logistics Limited1,2501 €1,250 €100%ca. 10,000 €Ready to use logistics company
Global Pay & Debit Advisors Ltd10020 €2,000 €100%ca. 5,000 €Active  Paymentcompany (UK)
Savings and Loans Limited10,0004 €40,000 €100%ca. 100,000 €Ready to use offshorebank (NZ)
HSM ArbTec UG1001 €100 €100%ca. 1,000 €Ready to use deutsche UG company

Contact a St. Publius customer adviser now and talk about your way to independence. The tax rate in Malta, including reimbursement, is only 5%. They can be active with the companies world-wide and, of course, expand their sales and profits. Start with your own company in 2015 and start earning money with a fully equipped and active company.

If you are already an entrepreneur and do not want to pursue a business idea or company, and are ready to sell the company to St. Publius, we are looking for buyers for your Limited.

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