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Trust solutions – one step ahead

St. Publius offers full range of consulting services and Limited solutions for all business and fields of application.

With a Trust Limited you can act worldwide discretly and secure.

Your advantages are:

  • experienced english speaking director
  • respected lawyer as trustee
  • full access to accounts and credit cards
  • including physical office in Malta
  • including accounting and tax consultation
  • worldwide highly accepted without limitations
  • Effective tax on earnings 5%

Interested parties decide till 31.12.2011 are free of setup fees with new corporate structures. A fair monthly fee covers the hole service.

When does a trust solution make sense?

  • You`re searching for discretion in your business
  • Anonymity regarding your assets
  • Avoiding trouble because of contractural restrictions
  • Legal protaction against third parties
  • Highest level of entreprenerial freedom

You wish to start right now? St. Publius has ready made Limited trust solutions in stock for you.

St. Publius Corporate Services Ltd. (UK) is authorised by the HM Revenue & Customs Authority to provide company formation, agency and trust services and other services in or from UK.

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