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Financial Services

Malta: An ideal location for leasing banks, e-banking and other financial service providers.

The financial services industry has to offer lucrative and safe products and services to its customers. Big banks have the resources, to domicile themselves in financial centers like Hong Kong, London and New York and obtain appropriate licenses. Controlling bodies in other countries have in many cases such high demands on the institute, that the path to the market for medium-sized financial service providers is often denied.

In Malta licenses will be awarded by the Malta Financial Services Authority. The requirements for candidates are significantly lower than in other EU countries. Therefore, Malta is an ideal location for leasing banks, e-banking, insurance and other financial service providers.

Malta offers innovative financial service providers an opportunity to get a license. Despite the permissive licensing course, the benefit of bank customers will be kept in mind. Capital requirements and requirements for the infrastructure of the licensee ensure all participants a successful business operation and safe structures.

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