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Incorporation of UK Ltd.

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More than 50,000 English Limited have been founded by German entrepreneurs in recent years. Not without reason. Unlike the German GmbH, a Limited is much easier to maintain, tax attractive and risk-free.

Before the invention of the German “UG (Unternehmergesellschaft)” English Limited`s were increasingly founded in England as letterbox companies to then establish a branch in Germany so that the share capital of a GmbH could be avoided.

Start your real English Ltd. with St. Publius, without a German branch, and benefit from more favorable taxes and entrepreneur-friendly depreciation rules. Ideally, UK companies also serve as a bridge between high-tax countries (e.g., Germany) and low-tax countries (e.g., Hong Kong).

Thanks to the St. Publius Service, you do not have to travel to England or live in England to start an UK Limited. You can live anywhere in the world but still benefit from the advantages of an English Limited. We would love to answer any further questions!

Start an UK Limited to:

  • avoid liability risks
  • save up to 80% in taxes
  • act anonymous and discreet
  • make lucrative business with licenses
  • Use cheaper administration costs
  • start with your entrepreneurship very quickly
  • give projects a solid legal framework
  • use a Bank account including VISA card
  • to globally control Profits

St. Publius handles the establishment as well as the tax and bureaucratic administration of your UK Ltd. for an attractive monthly service fee.

All companies are founded in compliance with DBA and managed so that you can focus on your core business.

Additionally, St. Publius can provide for you and your UK Ltd. the following services:

  • Fully furnished office incl. staff
  • Necessary private / business accounts at major banks
  • All administrative tasks / Office Service
  • Ongoing accounting and tax returns
  • Further structures (offshore etc.)

Use the competence and experience of the market leader!

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