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Offshore refers to activities which are approved in the jurisdiction of a country, but this does not mean that the activities must be operated in the country.

For example, Hong Kong offers to companies which operate abroad only 0% tax regime. While an “onshore” companies operating in Hong Kong are taxed on profits with 17.5%.

In Europe, the distinction between on-and offshore is known in the UK, Switzerland, Spain and a few smaller states. The German tax law does not recognize such distinction.

In addition to tax issues are also licensing law capabilities of individual countries. Particularly, in the financial sector as, for example, in New Zealand.

Depending on the business objectives, it is worth the effort to look out beyond the borders of the home country and to evaluate whether separate states are better by international standards with attractive laws for the implementation of the business objectives than a home country.

St. Publius is based in Malta and specializes in finding solutions in Malta. However, we have strong relationship with tax consultants in various parts of the globe, so that even countries outside Europe in company structures of Malta might be involved.
For example, Malta has double taxation agreements and intense relationship with more than 41 countries, including China, U.S., Russia. Malta is constantly expanding its position as a strong partner within the world community.

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