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Founding a Company in USA

Your gateway to the planet's largest economy!

The digital age is being developed by companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook & Co.
The US is more business friendly than any other country. An ideal location to implement your digital ideas and get in contact with investors.

It’s very useful for European companies to found a company in the USA if products and services are to be distributed in the USA. Americans prefer to buy from American companies.

In contrast to pure start-up agencies, St. Publius is a full-service tax consultancy which, in addition to founding a company, also manages account opening, bookkeeping and all tax reporting. If you, as an entrepreneur, are considering working with a visa in the USA, the St. Publius team will be happy to assist you.

Thanks to the St. Publius Service, you do not need to travel to the US or live in the US to start an US Inc. Live anywhere in the world and still benefit from the advantages of an English Limited Company. We would love to give you more advise!

Founding a Company in the USA to:

  • avoid liability risks
  • save up to 80% in tax
  • act anonymous and discreet
  • benefit from the US Capital Market
  • use advantage of cheaper administration costs
  • be entrepreneurially active more quickly
  • register for US platforms

St. Publius handles the founding of a company in the USA, tax and bureaucratic administration of your ltd. for a cheap monthly service fee.

All companies are founded in compliance with DBA and managed so you can focus on your core business.
St. Publius provides the following services to US INC, if needed:

  • Fully furnished office incl. staff
  • Necessary private / business accounts at major banks
  • All administrative tasks / Office Service
  • Ongoing accounting and tax returns
  • VISA and government issues
  • Further structures (offshore etc.)

Use the competence and experience of the market leader!

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