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Schedule & goals

Since St. Publius is interested in long term client relationships, it is necessary to get to know each other first.

St. Publius is one of the only law firm in Malta with consultants who travel throughout Europe – excluding travel costs – provided both sides think of a collaboration. Alternatively, the first talks take place in Malta or, for example on infrastructure hot-spots nearby your place.

Your way to a successful, international company can proceed as follows:

  1. Contact (by email)
  2. Concept interview (by phone)
  3. Order (written)
  4. Implementation

Surely you compare St. Publius with other service providers. This is important to us because only clients who have deliberately chosen St. Publius know how to appreciate our strengths. In addition to the expenses you should pay attention to customer service, local presence, payment methods and last but not least the “chemistry”. A major strength of St. Publius is, to figure out the international location advantages within the EU for their capability for the benefit of clients.

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