St. Publius

Wind and water determine the climate

Malta was declared to be the country with the best climate worldwide (International Living Magazine USA). In addition to pleasant average temperatures and long sunshine hours (over 5 hours, even in winter), the sunny days are critical (over 300). Frost and snow are unknown. The land is ideal for hikers, divers, water sports enthusiasts and active people.

Malta benefits from its central location in the Mediterranean on the geographic position on North Africa by hot, dry summers and mild and spring-like winter. Usually a refreshing breeze blows over the islands. This keeps the few rain clouds away in the summer but dries up the soil.

Three different winds dominate the weather in Malta:


In winter, the moist northeasterly wind is blowing. Grigal brings vital moisture to agriculture and ground-water level.


From the northwest blows the cool and dry Majjistral (also known as Mistral) that brings occasionally cool wind in summertime.


Coming from the Sahara this wind takes plenty of moisture on his way across the Mediterranean Sea and causes the oppressive humid climate in summer.

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