EU-wide money collection with own public fund!

Why create your own fund?

Do you have a good business idea?
Would you like to be financially independent?
Are you planning to invest in new energies or future markets?
You would like to become self-employed and need at least € 100,000.-?

With your own fund, you can collect funds from customers, business partners and investors and use them for your investment ideas!

Malta is particularly popular with smaller investment projects for start-ups in general, but also investment fund start-ups. The island, which is about 80 kilometers below Sicily, has a special charm, it offers low taxes, a small bureaucracy and not least a Mediterranean climate.

“Our legislation is transparent, and we are quicker to get permits,” says Joe Bannister, Chairman of the Maltese Financial Services Authority.

More than 100 investment fund start-ups a year speak a clear language and show the high attractiveness of investing such an investment vehicle.

Why Malta?

  • Cheap and unbureaucratic foundation
  • Maltesian funds can be distributed across the EU
  • Faster admission in Frankfurt or London
  • Possibility as a German company to lead a company
  • Exchange listing with ISIN number possible

Different types of funds:

In principle, they have two types of funds: “public funds”, which are aimed at the general public and “professional investor funds” (PIFs), which may only be offered to experienced and institutional investors. Due to the different sales markets, it is only necessary to note briefly that public funds are more regulated than PIFs.

Public funds can be divided into two groups, UCITS and NON-UCITS. It should be noted that UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) is a Directive of the European Parliament which has the objective of harmonizing the European fund market.

Which prerequisites do you need for your own fund?

In order to be able to operate a fund, you need a fund manager, a fund manager and a depot. If the fund is not managed from Malta, a legal representative is required. This function may require a lawyer or an accountant. St. Publius will be pleased to provide a representative.

NEW: St. Publius offers the complete set-up of an offshore fund for already 5000.- €.

These are the next steps:

  1. Ask for a free consultation with our Fondexpert.
  2. Our customer adviser will call you back and give you advice
  3. In a non-binding initial consultation, your situation will be analyzed and your ideas discussed.
  4. In the case of high success prospects, cooperation can begin.
  5. Build your own fund in Malta, Luxembourg or offshore within a few weeks.

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