St. Publius

Culture and Traditions

Strong family connection

Like in past times the family in Malta in the center of daily life. The ties between the family members whether young or old, are still strong and intact. The many public holidays and Sundays offer the best opportunity to get together and eat and celebrate. Many family members have emigrated, but remain always connected to Malta and their families and are proud to be Maltese abroad.

Politically interested and active

In each village, the two major parties have your Centru. The Maltese makes no secret which party he favors. Either the worker or the nationalist. They love to debate and to celebrate, especially if elections queuing again.

Passion for betting

Maltese love bingo, lottery, football pools or other gambling such as horse race betting. They like to have bets with small stakes with each other regarding any topic.

For England or Italy

Especially when it comes to sport Maltese support one or the other country strongly. Plays one of these teams, it is celebrated as their own national team. In questions of language and mentality the Maltese have always bonded very strongly with Italy and the British rule in Malta also left its mark.

Chat and gossip

As elsewhere in the South you meet outside, whether after the Sunday Mass in the square or on a walk along the seaside promenades and of course in the party of the Centru’s. It is often simply sitting on a bench chatting, or while walking because you always know someone around to talk to. Most form a group of women and a group of men for gossiping.
You go to cafes and you see the Maltese almost any time of day eating Snacks. Everywhere are small shops where you can buy little Pastizzis. Even the “good old Mom and Pop shops” are fortunately still available, where the daily shopping is done. However, you shouldn’t shop in a hurry, there’s also a conversation with each other included in shopping and you can learn the latest news in town. If the shop owner needs to refill or he has to catch something from the inventory, this work gets done before he can go on selling. But he compensates this with a personal chat.

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