St. Publius

Limited Company: Save tax with St. Publius

The success of St. Publius can be measured in EURO:

  • Tax reduction between 50 – 95% Cost reduction of accountancy 30 – 50%
  • Cost reduction due to less bureaucracy 50 – 70%

Example 1: Ltd. instead of GmbH (limited liability company)

German corporation with a profit of 100.000€ = ca. 30.000€ tax charge
Maltese capital company with foreign shareholders with a profit of 100.000€ = 5.000€ tax charge
Savings thanks to St. Publius per year: 25.000€

Example 2: Accounting & Head office in Malta instead of in Germany

IHK (Chamber of commerce and industry) costs, accountancy, tax consultancy, office administration per year at least 10.000€
St. Publius all-inclusive service from 3.480€
Savings thanks to St. Publius per year: min. 6.500€

In cooperation with the main banks of St. Publius, HSBC and Bank of Valletta, customers receive the most effective limited. According to the law in Malta much more extensive operations are possible than this is possible with other corporations. A Limited Company can save tax with St. Publius.

Similarly, many changes take place (head office, directors, shareholders) without a high notarial bureaucracy, but with a simple message to Maltese Inland Revenue.

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