St. Publius

Company foundation affiliate program

Partner program for lawyers, tax consultants and business consultants

For more than 5 years the St. Publius Group has been one of the leading law firms for the establishment and administration of foreign corporations. Our clients benefit from:

  • Tax reduction down to 0% (Also with German residence)
  • Discreet trustee solutions (In case of insolvency, divorce etc.)
  • Global corporate structures (Profit optimization strategies)
  • Fair monthly flat rate (incl. Accounting, annual accounts, bank account etc.)

St. Publius is registered with the English HMRC as well as the Maltese FIAU and guarantees a legal implementation and structuring of all offered company solutions. Benefit as a tax consultant, lawyer or business consultant from a partnership with St. Publius and recommend to your clients the formation of a foreign capital company. What is good for Starbucks, Apple and Volkswagen can also only be beneficial for your clients!

A partnership with St. Publius is financially worthwhile. Per successful conclusion in our company foundation affiliate program, commissioners will receive attractive commissions.

You earn in few months without work with company recommendations and so on. More than in your previous job.
St. Publius will pay you 1000.- € per recommendation!
St. Publius assumes the contractual processing and assumes the legal and fiscal responsibility for the mandates. That They are exempt from liability. As a registered partner of St. Publius, you work directly with the management of St. Publius. Partners receive foreign corporations for their own requirements at special conditions.

The participation in the affiliate program is, of course, free of charge and without obligations. If you only recommend one customer per month successfully, you will earn enough money to live from this activity. There can be no more convincing arguments for cooperation with St. Publius. Please register now. We look forward to working with you.

*The commission refers to a Maltese company with a service contract. The commissions can vary according to the type of the Ltd. And country.

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