St. Publius

Bernd Schmidt

St. Publius really helps, even in case of insolvency within the meaning of all parties and does not misuse the situation shamelessly enriching themselves and many others.

Industry: Industrial Engineering
Challenge: Insolvency of German GmbH
Solution: Restructuring the financial circumstances/situation
Margin: 30.000€ per year

Mr. Bernd Schmidt has been left in the lurch by a good customer, who made 40% of his sales volume. The declaration of the customer to switch his supplier quickly, hit the 10-man company by surprise. Although Mr. Schmidt was aware of the risk of focusing on one customer; in everyday business was no time to acquire new customers.

The loss of this customer could not be absorbed. Revenues broke and with them also the liquidity of his company. After initial payments being stopped, the account has been repeatedly overdrawn, until the bank canceled the current account credit.

In this situation, Mr. Schmidt contacted St. Publius. Together with St. Publius a liquidity plan was created, furthermore another plan to separate personal and business assets. Similarly, risk assets were separated from ideal values.

Instead of a insolvency with minimum income Mr. Schmidt earns a salary of 4000€, gross, again. The bank was, when necessary, informed about the strategic restructuring. Unnecessary assets – like a production hall – were sold. Instead, a work continued in a smaller hall for rent. After a difficult restructuring phase – 3 employees had to be sacked – the company is now back on the track. Having improved its marketing and customer acquisition strategies, together with St. Publius, Mr. Schmidt is certainly sure: he will never again depend on only one customer.

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