Generate 20,000.- € p.a. and more passive income

St. Publius, in collaboration with renowned lawyers from Malta, has developed a software and company solution with which passive income can be generated. Users of the website can conveniently use accounting management services. The pilot web site has been shown to generate more than € 20,000 in earnings in 2014 without any significant work. The administration expenditure amounted to a few hours. We are pleased to report the profit from 2014 by means of a licensed auditor!

St Publius now offers the successful concept of The Company Consultants incl. Software to interested companies. In addition to a Maltese company, you will also receive the complete business concept including software and consulting. The package includes:

  • Maltese company incl. Accounting and administration service
  • Individual website and hosting
  • Software license incl. Instruction and support
  • Bank account for processing transactions
  • Treuhand Managing Director on request
  • Sales Support and SEO Optimization

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