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Malta Ltd. & UK Non-Dom

Malta Ltd. & UK Non-domiciled Finally available! Europe´s Best Choice!

Tax strategies at the corporate level may still be so effective – they fall flat, given the taxation of up to 45% on private sector. Due to the German world income principle calls for the Treasury gained worldwide. Alleged tax havens turn out to be ticking time bombs. Unspecified profits – even from tax havens – are for German taxpayers a criminal offense. St. Publius likes to point out that tax evasion is illegal and does not recommend that.

For wealthy individuals who are flexible enough, it is recommended to move their residence to England,. After taking up residence in the UK you can apply for the so-called Non-domiciled status, which you receive easily as a foreigner in the UK. For 7 years you only pay taxes on income within the UK. Income e g from Malta are not taxed. I e you collect the dividends from Malta with no deductions! After 7 years you can extend your non-domiciled status for free.

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