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Move your head office of your Ltd. from England to Malta. You'll feel the difference.

In Germany there are currently about 40,000. Ltd.`s. Although the German legislature created the corporate form "UG (Unternehmergesellschaft) - with limited liability" which makes the way to the markets easier for companies without equity, the Ltd. is still attractive. It is well established and accepted worldwide. In the UK itself there are about 2,000,000 Ltd.`s. German Ltd.`s are often the subsidiaries of the English mother- company.

Due to the developments of recent years a mother-UK Ltd. is in connection with a German Ltd. as a permanent establishment for many business models no longer useful. An U.K. Ltd. compared with a Maltese Ltd. has a distinct disadvantage. A brief comparison of both types of companies illustrates the differences:

  Malta Ltd. U.K. Ltd.  Advantage of Malta Ltd.
Capital 1250 Euros 1 GBP  higher business credibility
Currency Euro  GBP easier operation and trading
Corporation as a director? Yes No better anonymity
Taxes 5% ca. 20 % 21-28 % tax saving
Requirements VAT No. 0.00 EUR 67,000 GBP No minimum sales
Duration to obtain Tax ID 2-3 weeks up to 2 months significant time advantage
VAT 18 % 20% lower private costs
Minimum salary per month around 670 EUR around 1000 GBP ( approx. 1200 EUR) lower personel costs
Office workstation per month 100 EUR 200 GBP (approx.240 EUR) reduces space costs
Business check by bank

Special licenses 


easier establishment

more business opportunities

Not without reason, there are at present in Malta 50,000 Ltd.'s, of which 20,000 were opened after the introduction of the EURO. The majority of the newly formed Ltd.`s in Malta is founded by EU citizens.

Take advantage of the benefits of Malta, and transfer the headquarter of your company Ltd. from England to Malta. St. Publius takes on all the formalities. You save the cost of start-up in Malta and are able to act directly with your Ltd. in Malta without a time-out.