Free Malta Limited with 5% tax until 30.06.2013!

For nearly 3 years, St. Publius has been estab- lishing and managing the Maltese Limited as a leading free limited-lingual German-language law firm.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Effective corporate tax only 5%
  • Bank accounts available worldwide as well as German banks
  • Further offshore tax optimization possible
  • Fiduciary solutions can be implemented with managing directors
  • Complete administration including post & amp; Scannservice in Malta
  • Cheap package deals without surprises
  • Incl. Use of the online management system of the Ltd!

Start now and use your Limited free * until June 30, 2013

Ask for further information without obligation. Our customer adviser will inform you in a telephone conversation about how to save money, taxes and time with a Maltese company – without living in Malta!

*The service fees for your Maltese Limited will expire on 30th June 2013 when placing orders until 28.2.2013. Only valid for the payment of start-up and service fees for the period July-Dec 2013 when placing orders. Offer is valid only for new customers.

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