St. Publius Summer Tour 2013 – join now for free!

Taxes save money, money & More success!

With St. Publius you can reduce your taxes to below 5%, free from debts and become entrepreneurially flexible. Say you have more success.

Learn the attractive possibilities of international tax & amp; Financial strategies.


Talk about topics that are important to you personally:

  • Relocation of business units or companies
  • Private tax optimization * and planning including relocation
  • International Business Planning and Profit Optimization
  • Hedging strategies for the euro financial crisis
  • Insolvency, creditor protection, asset protection
  • Tax reduction solutions (up to 0% possible)
  • Trustee Solutions (national / international)
  • Offshore companies / financial institutions
  • How to avoid errors like Uli Höneß

St. Publius welcomes you in the following cities:

06.06.2013 Düsseldorf Germany –already booked up–
07.06.2013 Frankfurt am Main Germany –already booked up–
08.06.2013 Stuttgart Germany –already booked up–
09.06.2013 Munich Germany –already booked up–
10.06.2013 Zurich Switzerland –already booked up–
12.06.2013 Vienna Austria –already booked up–
13.06.2013 Insbruck Austria –already booked up–
16.06.2013 Munich Germany –already booked up–
18.06.2013 Nuremberg Germany –already booked up–
20.06.2013 Berlin Germany –already booked up–
21.06.2013 Hamburg Germany –already booked up–
23.06.2013 London Germany –already booked up–
24.06.2013 Paris France –already booked up–
25.06.2013 Luxembourg Luxembourg –already booked up–
26.06.2013 Prague Czech Republic –already booked up–

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