St. Publius starts VIP consulting service in Germany

St. Publius Corporate Services Limited is a Europe-wide leading consulting firm for tax and corporate optimization. The clients benefit from a favorable flat rate service fee which includes bookkeeping, annual accounts and the complete administration of corporations.

All major companies in Germany use specialized consulting companies to reduce their tax burden. St. Publius also allows individual entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies to benefit from the company-friendly laws in Europe.

The practice shows that many entrepreneurs do not have the courage and the knowledge to use the dormant taxpayer potentials. Unfortunately, village and meadow tax consultants do not have the experience to develop effective, international solutions with their clients. Years of experience, transnational know-how is indispensable here.

For the four-year anniversary, St. Publius now offers a VIP consulting service for existing customers. This goes beyond the normal administration and accounting of your company. For a manageable monthly upgrade price, clients receive a fixed hourly contingent with a personally assigned VIP attendant as well as a personal consultation in a city twice a year.

The VIP customer benefits:

  • Fixed monthly quota for consultation, research and analysis per month
  • Consultation twice a year in a German city near you
  • VIP phone number with personal VIP advisor
  • Emergency aid for emergencies (authorities, creditors, etc.)
  • Effective tips you only get from large chancery
  • Providing sample and sample solutions

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