St. Publius on site: Anniversary Tour 2012 in Germany

St. Publius Jubilee Tour 2012: 3 days 3 cities!

St. Publius Corporate Services Ltd. Goes into the third financial year!

Within just two years, more than 100 companies and entrepreneurs have been entrusted with the expertise of St. Publius in the field of international tax optimization and financial planning.

Reserve your non-binding, free consultation date with the Managing Director of St. Publius in a discreet four-eye conversation.

Benefit from the attractive possibilities of international company structures as well as numerous other clients!

Talk about topics that are important to you personally:

  • Private tax optimization and planning including relocation
  • Relocation of business units or companies
  • Tax-exempt limited solutions in Malta
  • International Business Planning and Profit Optimization
  • Capital Accruals for Your Project and Fund Management
  • Trustee Solutions (national / international)
  • Insolvency, creditor protection, asset protection

Talk to St. Publius in the following cities:

30.07.2012 Stuttgart —- EXTENSIONS
31.07.2012 Frankfurt —- BOOKED UP
01.08.2012 Cologne —- BOOKED UP

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