St. Publius celebrates 4 years anniversary with a new blog

St. Publius is one of the leading law firms in Malta, UK & amp; Estonia in terms of trustee solutions, company management and tax savings – for over 4 years!

For the 5th year the firm has done a lot. The St. Publius customer advisory team was strengthened by Mr. Christian Bühner, an experienced merchant. For the London location, St. Publius is still looking for a company manager for customer care. Each customer consultant is responsible for a maximum of 40 clients, so that individual needs of the clients can be dealt with intensively. The new customer adviser will focus on our clients who manage their Estonian and / or English Limited through St. Publius. Further information is available in the section “Jobs” on this website.

The new St. Publius WordPress Blog ( ) provides immediate information on interesting investment opportunities, tax savings and everything related to the corporate sector Services. Become a follower and not miss out on the news.

Visit the St. Pubilus Blog now!

The blog articles about Savings Bank Gütersloh, Deutsche Bank or the capital accumulation of a 19-year-old have aroused special interest. Surely when you read the article to the 50,000 USD potato salad appetite for more.

In future, we will focus more on the subject of PA – Personal Assistant. That A 24-hour assistant who looks after the needs of discerning clients.

St. Publius will also strengthen the topic of offshore. Europe offers less and less protection for capital and assets. Alternatives are therefore in demand. With Hong Kong as the first location outside Europe, St. Publius already offers a future-oriented alternative for entrepreneurs. Tax freedom and discretion are just two keywords why the Asian metropolis has grown into a global financial center. As usual, St. Publius offers the establishment and administration of legal entities at the same price as Maltese corporations at fair conditions.

Clients of St. Publius can be assured of being supported by an innovative and powerful law firm. Request our free 2014 brochure free of charge and find out how you can save money and make more money.

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