Now to London to the new St. Publius Headquarter

The St. Publius Group is active in Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, Belize and London. Each subsidiary has different activities. Due to the more and more European orientation of the group, Malta’s headquarters were relocated to London – within walking distance of the Tower Bridge. St. Publius Corporate Services Limited has an English license from the HRMC to operate and advise corporate services and fiduciary services.

The main focus of St. Publius London is on:

International Tax Savings Solutions

  • 0% EU-Estonia Limited
  • 35/5% Malta Limited
  • 0% Hong Kong Offshore Limited
  • On- & amp; Offshore Limited combinations

Debt exemption within 12 monthsSt. Publius London Office

  • Advice on residence, work and finance
  • Immediate protection against creditors
  • Consultancy as required without advance cost
  • Quick restart without capital possible

Asset building for individuals

  • International Financial Assets
  • Legal tax reduction down to 0%
  • Non-Dom Consulting
  • Protection against the Eurocrisis and Bank Crash

Expansion consulting for entrepreneurs

  • Capital Accruals and Investment Advice
  • Improving corporate structures
  • Reduction of corporate taxation down to 0%
  • Strategies of the DAX Small Businesses

London – Europe’s financial capital – offers unimagined opportunities. Over 90% of capital in the financial center is international in nature. Ideal conditions for active entrepreneurs to talk about success, expansion and profit.

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*Flight reimbursement bis 100.- € für bestehende Kunden mit Servicevertrag

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