Invoice Service

Get money legally, tax free and without your own company!
– Exclusively developed by international lawyers –

One of the aspects mentioned applies to you:

  • You are insolvent, have negative shufa etc.
  • The operation of a permanent company is not worthwhile for you
  • You want to process anonymous transactions from third parties
  • our current tax payments are too high
  • You are an employee and don’t have your own company
  • You do not want certain transactions to run over your company

St. Publius calculates your service for you through a company.

St. Publius will accept invoice and processing for you. Save the complete administration and operation of your own company.

  • The St. Publius Invoice service is suitable for:
  • Billing of services, workload etc.
  • Commissions (for example, for negotiations)
  • License revenue (e.g., patents, trademark rights)
  • and many more

The cash back is a tax-free gift from natural third parties of 90%*

*should the donation amount exceed the country-specific freedoms then the the donation of various natural persons comes to action

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