Open FREE offshore company for money assurance now

Eurocrisis, State Pact, Money Depreciation …. save now!

With your own trustee offshore company, your assets are protected against arbitrary access.

The St. Publius strategists have put together an attractive solution:

  • 100% Trustee Solution with Managing Director and Shareholder
  • You have sole account access via online banking and credit card
  • No account duties or administration of the company required.
  • German speaking contacts with telephone & amp; Email support
  • Cheap full-service package. No hidden costs
  • Flexible liquidity management without binding to country borders
  • Reputable bank account with participation in deposit guarantee
  • No capital or relocation necessary
  • Experienced consultants with years of experience and expertise

Take care of your own assets management!
Do not leave your financial freedom to the arbitrariness of the EU bureaucracy.

Now only until December 31, 2012 without start-up costs!

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