Thomas Walterscheid

Thomas Walterscheid
St. Publius makes it possible: With 4192€ I've completed my tax liability, no matter how much I earn.

Industry: Investment

Challenge: financial planning of an international investor

Solution: Relocation to Malta

Gain: about 51,000€ per year

Mr. Walterscheid is an investor and has no social security job. With investing shares in various corporations, he earned dividends of 200,000€ p.a.. So far, he lived in Germany so his worldwide profits were liable to taxation.

Mr. Walterscheid is traveling internationally, and has therefore decided to relocate to Malta and to request - jointly with St. Publius - PRS status. After successful accomplishment, he only pays the minimum tax rate and is exempted from the global income principle. He manages its funds from a Swiss account and can dispose them freely. His tax return, made by St. Publius is automatically sent to the Maltese tax authorities. Mr. Walterscheid does not pay taxes in other countries.

Malta residence / German residence.
Income from dividends and capital gains        200,000.00€       200,000.00€
Withholding tax plus solidarity & CIT 0%      28%    0.00€        56,000.00€
Minimum rate 4192€                                         4,192.00€                 0.00€
Remaining net income                                  195,808.00€      144,000.00€
Tax savings 51,808.00€