In order to achieve the best results for clients St. Publius works with the following partners:


D. Notary Eisenreich, Germany
Dr. Lergon notary, Germany
R. Squaratti notary, Switzerland
Dr. Schmitz notary, Germany
Dr. Dick Huth-Harrach notary, Germany
M. Jacob, notary, Germany


Registry STM, UK
Paul Mifsud, Malta
Registry Fenlex, Malta
Peeters & B., Germany
Wilting, Germany
Wilde & Partner, Germany
Roland Scholz, Germany
Balloff, Germany


Dr. Gründel (beneficiary), Germany
Dr. Kames (corporate), Germany
Dr. Hirz (competition), Germany
Dr. Breuer (insolvency law firms), Germany
Dr. Krueger (foundations), Germany
Dr. Müller (company law), Switzerland
Dohrmann (restructuring law), Germany
Glietz (labour law), Germany
Ralf Hansen (business law), Germany
Power Passenger (leasing law), Germany